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Competitive Organizations

NPC District Chairpeople
NPC Southern Classic
NPC Nationals
NPC Junior Nationals, Chicago, IL
NPC Junior USA, Charleston, SC
NPC Junior California, Rosemead
NPC Wheelchair Nationals
Wheelchair bodybuilding
Gary Udit (promoter)
John Lindsay (promoter)
Jeff Taylor (promoter)
Dave Liberman (promoter)
NPC New England
NPC Southeastern shows
NPC Southern States
NPC District of Columbia
NPC Alabama
Alaska NPC
Arizona NPC
Florida NPC
Georgia NPC
Illinois NPC
Indiana NPC
Kentucky NPC
Louisiana NPC
Michigan NPC
NPC Michigan Fitness
Minnesota & Dakotas NPC
Mississippi NPC
North Carolina NPC
Oklahoma NPC
South Carolina NPC
Tennessee NPC
Texas NPC
Utah NPC
Washington NPC

IFBB Pro Division
IFBB Arnold Classic & Expo
IFBB Austria
IFBB Belgium
IFBB New Zealand
IFBB Brazil
IBBF India

NABBA West Virginia
NABBA International or
NABBA Germany
NAC Germany
NABBA Austria
NABBA Greece
NABBA New Zealand
NABBA Nova Scotia
NABBA Mexico
NABBA Australia

Other Bodybuilding Organizations
Associazione Italiana Culturismo (AIC)
Canadian provincial organizations
Japan Bodybuilding Federation
World Fitness Federation
World Fitness Federation Lithuania
World Bodybuilding Federation, World Fitness Federation
International Bodybuilding & Fitness Association
World Natural Bodybuilding Federation
U.S. Natural Bodybuilding Association
International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation
INBF New York State
INBF Canada
Natural Physique Association
International Natural Bodybuilding Ass'n Australia
Body Language Natural Physique Association
International Bodybuilding Association
North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation
World Body Fitness Federation (WBFF)
Fame World Events,
Morrison Productions
International Fitness & Physique Association Pro Division
International Drug Free Athletics
National Gym Association
Lift for Life
United States Bodybuilding Federation
United Natural Bodybuilding Association
Natural Bodybuilding Events
Alaska Bodybuilding Fitness & Figure
Ultimate Fitness Experience shows
Executive Productions
Ohio Natural Bodybuilding Federation
Midwestern Bodybuilding Federation
Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness
North American Sports Federation
British Natural Bodybuilding Federation
Australasian Natural Bodybuilding
Natural Physique Association (U.K.)
Natural Physique Association (U.S.)
World Physique Association (Holland)
Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders
Canadian Bodybuilding Federation
Neutron Fitness and Sports Organization,
Manitoba bodybuilding
Saskatchewan bodybuilding
Jamor (event promoter)
Women's Tri-Fitness
Millenium Fitness, Spokane
Vancouver, USA
Arnold Amateur Columbus, Ohio
2009 Natural and Women's Figure Championships, Rockford, Ill.

Current News About Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Weekly
Bodybuildbid News
Bodybuilding News
Elite Fitness News
Chad Nicholls' Muscle Mayhem
Get Big
Muscular Development
Flex Online
Muscle Memory
Getbig News
Cyberpump (membership site)

Magazine Websites

Iron Man
Muscle & Fitness
Musclemag International
Muscular Development
Other magazine sites

Golden Age Of Bodybuilding

    Early Bodybuilders & Bodybuilding
History of early bodybuilders
"Maxalding" method of muscular control
Gallery of Ironmen (late 1800s)
Sandow & Early Physical Culture
Bernarr Macfadden
Bob Whelan's Natural Strength (early books)
Charles Atlas
Earl Maynard
Reg Park
Steve Reeves
Leo Robert
Dan Lurie
Alan Palmieri
Classic Bodybuilders
University of Texas-Austin Archive
Feats of strength and endurance
Old Time Strongman
Museum of Natural bodybuilding
York Barbell museum (note museum tour)
    Peplum Films ("Sword & Sandal" Genre)
Peplum FAQ
Guide to Peplum
comprehensive site, in French
Wikipedia article on peplum films
2002 interview with Samson Burke
Display of posters, photos, memorabilia
Brian's Drive-In Theater
Steve Reeves Filmography
Review of Hercules (Steve Reeves)
Review of Hercules in the Haunted World (Reg Park)
Hercules films with Steve Reeves & Reg Park
Hercules Genre: discussion & filmography
Sinister Cinema

Former Competitors (Active Since 1970)

Roger Applewhite
Aaron Baker
Richard Baldwin
Samie Bannout
Andreas Cahling
Boyer Coe
Ed Corney
Chris Dickerson
Dave Draper
Ric Drasin
Carla Dunlap
Lou Ferrigno
Biagio Filizola
Bill Grant
Roland Kickinger
Ron Matz
Capriese Murray
Serge Nubret
Sergio Oliva
Danny Padilla
Bill Pearl
Tony Pearson
Tom Platz
Harold Poole
Shawn Ray
Eddie Robinson
Milos Sarcev
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Larry Scott
Dorian Yates
Frank Zane
Bodybuilder tributes
Classic Bodybuilders
Retro Muscle
Iron Age
Olympia winners

Competitors and industry notables (Men)

Eddie Abbew
Fouad Abiad
Martin Luther King Addo
Sam Addo
Arman Adibi
Oliver Adzievski
Faramarz Aghazadeh
Ahmad Ahmad
Sean Allan
Troy Alves
Robby Anchânt
Lazar Angelov
Derek Anthony
Melvin Anthony
Mike Asiedu
Art Atwood
Al Auguste
Alex Azarian
Koen Balcaen
Darren Ball
Lee Banks
Joe Barker
Joachim Bartoll
Manuel Bauer
Edward Bednar
Benais Begovic
Rob Belisle
Tomas Benagli
Francis Benfatto
Steve Benthin
Markus Berlik
Gerry Blaise
Martin Borovicka
RafaŦ#130; Borysiuk
Fitzroy Bramble
PJ Braun
Lionel Brown
Troy Brown
Curtis Bryant
Robert Burneika
Ashfaq Butt
Sean Calder
Tyrone Cane
Joao Caneco
Jimmy Canyon
Zone Capone
Fredrik Carlsson
Phil Carlon
Joe Carrero
Anthony Catanzaro
Gianluca Catapano
Evan Centopani
Serkan Cetin
Marcos Chacon
Brian Chamberlain
Adorthus Cherry
Peter Chown
Jason Ciarabellina
Sener Cinoglu
Mirek Cipra
John Citrone
Shaun Clarida
Simon Cohen
Ronnie Coleman
Jim Cordova
Stuart Core   stuart core.html, and
Chris Cormier
Eduardo Correa
Victor Costa New
Shaun Crump
Jay Cutler
Mike D'Angelo
Shaun Davis
Joe DeAngelis
Dan Decker
Felix Decker
Tua Dexter
Victor Del Campo
Pascal Deloos
Alfonso Del Rio
David Deutchler
Paul DeSimone
Eric Dilauro
Rok Dixon
Garrett Downing
Charlie Duca
Arnaud Duchenne
Mark Dugdale
Stan Efferding
Philippe Eichler
Tamer El-Guindy
Mike Ergas
Mark Erpelding
Guillermo Escalante

Competitors and industry notables (Men)

Chris Faildo
Aiman Faour
George Farah
Derik Farnsworth
Casey Fathi
Abiu Feliz
Michael Ferencsik
Jerome Ferguson
Stefan Fischer
Prince Fontenot
Stephen Frazier
Jeramy Freeman
Ramón Freire
Tony Frerking
Andreas Frey
Rockie Furtado
Renaldo Gairy
Ralph Garcia
Neil Gardner
Davide Gariboldo
Francois Gay
Tom Geel
Paul George and
George Giraldo
Marc Gollub New
Arthur Gooden
Dave Goodin
Kai Greene
Deshaun Grimez
Mike Grossi
Claude Groulx
Sami Al Haddad
Dalibor Hájek
Marcus Haley
Andy Haman
Camron Hansen
John Hansen
Gary Harden
Ben Hartman
Stefan Havlik
Dave Hawk
Dave Hawk Jr.
Phillip Heath
David Henry
Shavis Higa
Dan Hill
Danny Hindalov
Bob Hockensmith
John Hodgson
Rainer Hofmann
Wong Hong
Mike and Jan Horn
Scott Hults
Leo Ingram
Dexter Jackson
Johnnie Jackson
"Tricky" Ricky Jackson
Chris Jalali
Dennis James
Rusty Jeffers
Todd Jewell
Lance Johnson
T T Johnson
Daryl Jones
King Kamali
Jörg Kapfer
Mario Kapser
Dan Kelsey
Zack Khan
Martin Kjellstrom
Jason Kozma
Rob Kreider
Steve Kuclo
Joe Ladnier
Jonathan Later
Raphael LaPoirie
Joe Leahy
James "Flex" Lewis
Marijan Lipsinic
James Llewellin
Christian Lobarede
Michael Lockett
Jack London
Dean Madzarovich
Malcolm Marshall
Chad Ray Martin
Victor Martinez
Prinston Martyn
Stan McCrary
Jostein Meen
Morris Mendez
Jari Mentula
Michelino "Migger" Milazzo
Desmond Miller
Doug Miller
Kenny Milne
Michael Moore
Corey Mote

Competitors and industry notables (Men)

David Lee Nall
Steve Namat
Dave Naugler
Ivan Nikolov
Daniel Nordstrom
Layne Norton
Jojo Ntiforo
Jostein Odegaarden
Bola Ojex
Sergio Oliva Jr.
Eric Orrao
Jerry Ossi
Gürel Özgür
Gunner Paasche
Ben Pakulski
Dave Palumbo
Ron Partlow
Armando Pena
Armand Peri
Manfred Petautschnig
Alain Petriz
Kareem Pettaway
Ted Post
Dave Pulcinella
Mike Pulcinella New
Peter Putnam
Johnny Quinn
Adam Reich
Craig Richardson
Kevin Richardson
Patrick Richardson
Frank Roberson
Joe Romine
Ilario Rongioletti
Lee Roupas
Albert Rubinaccio
Markus Ruhl
Justin Rys
Ian Salaks
Ben Samimi
Taranjit Samra
Salim Satir
Gunter Schlierkamp
Rene Schmidt
T J Schoenborn
Nick Scott
John Seif
Helge Seliger
Eric Seng
Rashid ("Roc") Shabazz
Alexander Shabunya
AJ Sims
Matt Sinkorang
Radek Slodkiewicz
Sam Smith
Kevin Sperling
Rod Solomon
Willie Stalling
Bicepsman Takahashi
Javier Talavera
Peter Tatarka
Henderson Thorne
Tommi Thorvildsen
Harley Timbs
Darren Toma
Victor Tringali
Samir Troudi
Matt Tsinkorang
Ivory Turner
Ronnie Ullram
Gregory Ulysse
Charles Urrego
Matus Valent
Ed van Amsterdam
Wil Vaughn
Mariano Villena
Heinrich Vos
Simon Voyer
Marvin Ward
Ben White
Jeff Willet
Keith Williams
Kevan Wilson
Jason Wojciechowski
Dennis Wolf
Luke Wood
Mike Yablon
Hidetada Yamagishi
Dmitry Yashankin
Ken Yasuda
Brian Yersky
Mehmet Yildirim
Sebastian Zona
Kalyango Zubael

Women's Bodybuilding & Figure

SiouxCountry forums
Female Muscle
Betty Weider
Women's training
Kim Oddo training
Video reviews, galleries
Women Bodybuilders
Women's Bodybuilding
News, reviews, editorials
Wikipedia article
____________________   ____________________________________
    Competitors and industry notables (Women)
Gina Aliotti
Lisa Aukland
Nicole Ball
Tracy Beckham
Debbie Bell
Glenda Bozett
Debbie Bramwell
Monica Brant
Petra Enderborn
Allison Ethier
Michelle Flake
Gale Frankie
Pam Franklin
Adela Garcia
Karen Garrett
Tracey Greenwood
Rachael Grice
Aurelia Grozajova
Jenny Hendershott
Beth Horn
Lena Johannesen
Tanji Johnson
Cea Anna Kerr
Liz Kinzella
Kim Klein
Iris Kyle
Carrie Ledford-Baldwin
Julie Lohre
Laura Mak
Stephanie Miller
Bridgette Murray
Suzanne Niederhauser
Helle Nielson
Collette Nelson
Vicki Nixon
Yaxeni Oriquen
Julie Palmer
Betty Pariso
Robin Parker
Brooke Paulin
Jessica Paxson
Amy Peters
Nicole Pfuetzenreuter
Marcy Porter
Cathy LeFrancois Priest
Shelby Right
Isabelle Rochon
Rosa-Maria Romero
Zhanna Rotar
Danielle Rouleau
Carla Salotti
Jennifer Searles
Elena Seiple
Jamie Senuk
Pauliina Talus
Vivian Violante
Petra Walk
Sandra Wickham
Nicole Wilkins

Commercial Sites

    Films, Videos, & DVDs
Muscle Zone Productions (Asian BB's)
Amateur athletes, models, promoters
Mike Pulcinella
IFBB film coverage
Videos, shirts, etc
Lee Priest bodybuilding videos
Bodybuilder Models
Bodybuilding videos
Gallasch Muscle Videos
Guy Grundy's Fitnet USA
No Pain, No Gain (Turcott film)
Bodybuilding DVDs
Terry Photo films
Pumping Muscle
Afghan Muscle
    Training and Trainers
Simply Shredded
Rey Ronquilio
Mike Francois
Learn Bodybuilding
Home made training equipment
French Canadian Vincent Comtois
Male Fitness
Gym Addiction
"About" site on Bodybuilding
Callie Marunde, trainer
BodyBuild Site
Truly Huge
Gray Iron Fitness (senior training)
Tips, advice, natural bodybuilding
Joe Franco
Body by Binetti
Dave Liberman
"Dr. Squat" Hatfield
Training, advice
Skip LaCour
Clarence Bass
Bob Delmonteque
Gordon Borges (senior training)
Ron Harris, BB writer & trainer
Mario Strong (articles, inspiration)
Jim Machak
    Posing Instruction
Posing instruction, choreography
Fitness Atlantic
Arnold Fans
    Photography & Illustration
Lennart Bergstrom
Charlene Ralph photorealistic drawings
Manfred Zanker
Hubs Sports Photography & Galleries
Lomeli Studio
Great Exposures fitness photography
Physique Art photography
Brian Moss photos
Franco bodybuilding art, photos
Custom bodybuilding art portraits
Ron Dunn, illustrator
Musclehedz cartoons

More Categories

Never Too Big
Venice Beach, California
Fisicoculturismo (Spanish site)
Black bodybuilders
NPC competitors
Bodybuilder photography
Pumping Muscle
Amateur bodybuilder of the week
Contest Muscle Galleries
Sportima Fitness club
Muscles in Motion
The Male Bodybuilder
Bodyspace galleries
Posing videos, natural bodybuilders
Bodybuilders, Fitness, MMA, art photos, etc
Spotlight Photography (Northwest US Bodybuilding)
Scandinavian bodybuilders
Delgu galleries
Posedown galleries (German) forum (self-posted pix)
Pictures, variously contributed
Pro Wrist Straps gallery
Most Muscular galleries
Marandi Productions
Optimum Fitness gallery
Pro-Edge client gallery
Forum with image galleries
Estonian gallery
Austrian gallery
HerBiceps Women fitness and bodybuilders
    Current videos (search results, "bodybuilding")
Physique TV (live streaming)
Bigger Tube
Bodybuilding videos
Daily Motion
Google / YouTube
The Fit Show
Meta cafe
Greg's Instructional video clips, advice
The Fitness Network
    Links & Databases
BB web ring index
Worldwide list of gyms for travelers
Listing of bodybuilder sites
Listing of Professional Bodybuilders, placings
Muscle memory links
IFBB international links
Bodybuilding links
Pro Bodybuilding Pro
Bodybuilder links
Bodybuilder links
Bodybuilder links
Yahoo directory of bodybuilders' sites
Another Yahoo Directory
WeightsNet links
Bodybuilders (Wikipedia)
Bodybuilding glossary
Bodybuilding almanac
RXMuscle (also galleries, articles, etc)
Fitness videography tips, techniques, and discussion
Mike Pulcinella & Scott York (requires registration)
Bodybuilding for You
Bart Van Der Molen; general info
Zone Muscle
Muscle Mecca
MMI Powertraining
Intense Training
Anabolic Enhancement
Bodybuilding discussion
Muscular development
New Jersey bb forum
Ask Bodybuilders
Building mass
Superior Muscle
Discussion board.
Iron Addicts
Bodybuilding Forum
GEN XXL forum
Bodybuilding Dungeon
Muscle Mayhem forum
Get Big forum
German forum
Canadian forum
Wannabebig forum
Bodybuilding forum
British bodybuilding forums
British forum
Tim Wescott's Weights on the Web
Old School Bodybuilding
    Bodybuilding Weblogs
Hard Body Success
Never Too Big
Ripped Academy
Jeff Rodriguez
Charles Croft
Mike Pulcinella
Iron Man Magazine
Articles, pictures, training
Olympia Blog
Professional & Amateur Contest Blog
The Muscle Building Blog
Bodybuilding Blog
Inside Bodybuilding
Instructions, videos
News and commentary
Daily news and advice
Tom Venuto's bodybuilding secrets
Behind the scenes
Training advice
Drug-free bodybuilding
Supplements, techniques
Natural bodybuilding
Muscle and strength memorabilia
Jimmy Smith training and advice
Masters bodybuilding

International Bodybuilding

Australasian region
Czech Republic
Great Britain
Middle East and
South Asia
New Zealand
Polynesian region